Winchester Gun Safe Legacy Premier 26-7-E

Winchester Gun Safe is a reputed storage manufacturer, who manufacturer safes for guns. The Winchester Gun Safe known for their awesome collection of guns safe and the pricing starts from $1000 which is not expensive for a guns storage which is offering some of the cool features and advantages. Winchester Gun Safe is famous for their cool features they add to their safes to make the storage user friendly.

The company uses high quality steel to build the guns safe to ensure the safety of the guns and other items stored in it. The Winchester has decent storage capacity that can store objects and guns doesn’t what size they come in and what weight the gun size is, it can fit them properly and safely.

If this is your first time looking for a gun safe then i suggest you to read continue to gain more information on how things work on gun safe. What things you need to know when buying a gun safe. You can use these gun safes in your office or at your home. We are going to review “Winchester Gun Safe Legacy Premier 26-7-E” where we are going to review some of the key aspects of Legacy Premier 26-7-E.

Winchester Gun Safe Review:

These safes come at a expensive price and there are a lot of gun safe manufacturers in the market, who are attracting clients with their innovative safes which can do multiple things than just storing. However they come at expensive price. In Winchester case the price starts from $1000 so that you can take a gun safe home at a affordable price without spending any extra on few unnecessary features.

When we talk about build quality, Winchester safes are made of high quality steel to protect your valuables from all unnecessary situations. Which is why today Winchester earned the right to be in our list and they made the gun safe easy to understand when operating it. If you are not sure how to navigate it then just read the manual provided inside of the package.

The Winchester has introduced some features which took the gun safe storage in to next level. They have offered good storage capacity which can be changed to fit in other guns which are bigger in size. Not only internal area is customizable and you can adjust to store more items.

With the feature, they have offered so you can fit more other items than just guns.

Winchester Gun Safe 26-7-E

We are going to review Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E so that you can learn what it can do for your valuable items and guns protection. How strong and durable the safe is. Let’s find out.

Winchester Gun Safe Legacy Premier 26-7-E:

Our mid range picks goes to the Legacy PREMIER 26-7 -E. This gun safe includes almost all of the features of Winchester’s top safe, but has a lower gun capacity. It can store up to 28 guns with additional room for storing other items.

Winchester Gun Safe Legacy Premier 26-7-E has some good specs and it has all best features which are available on rest of the models but it offers less storage capacity of 28+ guns, which is quite less compared to “53-7-E“, where it is offering more than 50+ storage capacity. However the 26-7-E has some additional space can be used to store other items.

Build quality is the first thing we should take a look at, The safe is build with high end minerals to make to unbreakable so you don’t have to worry because Winchester use high end steel on all of their products.


The interior of the Legacy Premier 26-7-E is quite good, in general there are several reasons why you should buy Legacy Premier 26-7-E. If you are looking for more space and less security then i won’t suggest you.

Homak Gun Safes Provide An Affordable Choice

A gun safe can represent a sizeable investment, and if you are looking for a way to keep your guns secure but have a budget to watch, a Homak gun safe could be perfect for you.  Leaning your rifles and shotguns against the wall in a closet not only makes them accessible to children, but also to thieves.

Guns are expensive items, and if they are stolen, it can represent a considerable loss, especially if they are not insured.  Preventing injury to those too young to understand that guns can be dangerous is also important, and using a Homak gun safe or cabinet will keep firearms out of children’s hands.  A gun safe doesn’t have to be able to stand up to an artillery barrage, it simply has to baffle a thief long enough to discourage him – he wants to be in and out of your house fast before someone knows he’s there.  A Homak gun safe will be there to stand between your firearms and a burglar.

Why Homak Is A Good Choice

Not everyone who owns guns can afford a ‘vault’ in which to keep them, leaving the solution for many people to try to hide long guns somewhere in the house, or leave pistols in a drawer.  Rather than leave the safety of your guns to chance, you can store them in a Homak gun safe.  Homak makes secure storage for both your long guns and pistols at a reasonable price.  Their gun cabinets have a 4 point locking system and are operated with a key, while the handgun safes are generally use a digital keypad for access.  Using a Homak will keep your guns safe, but ready when you need them.

Homak Makes A Number Of Models

Whether your gun collection includes pistols, rifles, shotguns, or a combination, there is a Homak gun safe that will serve your needs.  Since Homak gives you with a range of economical choices, there is no reason to delay in providing the firearm security your home should have.
•    The Homak First Watch 8 Gun Steel Gun Cabinet has plenty of storage space not only for your long guns, but also provides a shelf where you can keep handguns and other important items.  The bottom of the safe is padded to protect the stocks of your guns and this Homak comes with a gun rack kit.  Predrilled holes allow you to secure the cabinet to the wall.
•    If space is at a premium in your home, you will appreciate the Homak 10-Gun Corner Cabinet.  This gun cabinet tucks right into a corner, saving floor space and still allowing you to store 10 guns in it.  This cabinet comes with 5 shelves so you will have no trouble storing handguns, important papers, ammunition, and valuables in it.  Like the Homak First Watch, this cabinet has a key lock.
•    If you would like to hide your gun safe, the Homak In-the-Wall Gun Safe will be perfect for you.  This safe is designed to be installed between the studs in your wall to provide a virtually undetectable place to keep your guns.  This safe will accommodate 3 long guns.  Once it has been installed, it is easy to conceal the Homak In-the-Wall behind a bookcase, drapery, or a peg board with tools or cleaning implements.
•    For those of you who own a pistol for protection, you will find that the Homak HS10036684 Electronic Access Pistol Box gives you a nifty little place to store your handgun at a very attractive price.  A programmable keypad will allow you quick access to your gun when you need it.  This small gun safe has predrilled holes so it can be attached to the wall.

Deciding Which Security Safe Is Best For You

There are probably a number of things that are precious to you.  First and foremost will be your family.  Gun ownership has never been higher, and it is quite likely that you have firearms in your home, for protection, hunting, or just as collectibles.  However, children and guns definitely do not go together, and keeping your children safe from your guns will undoubtedly be a high priority.  A gun safe that provides good security, and keeps small hands off of pistols and rifles, will provide much superior measure of safety than you will get by simply storing your guns in a closet or under the bed.

Keeping your firearms and other valuables safe from theft is another reason to find a security safe that you can depend on.  Always keep in mind that a safe doesn’t have to withstand hours of abuse by a burglar – this fellow wants to be out of your house in under 10 minutes.  A good safe simply needs to tell the thief that your goods are unavailable.  Actually, when confronted by a good security gun safe, most thieves just leave empty-handed.

Security Safe Features That Will Serve You Best

Gun safes are made in a variety of models and sizes, so evaluate what your needs are and base your purchase decision on this.  All security safes should be sturdy in construction, whether these are large, stand-alone gun safes, wall safes, or floor safes.  You should never simply count on concealment to keep your valuables secure.  While it is true that a burglar will not want to spend much time in your home, if he finds a safe that appears to be flimsy, he will try to open it.  All safes should be bolted to the floor, wall, or shelving.  A large, robust gun safe that has been tipped over is much easier to open than one that is still upright.  The lock on the safe should remain locked even if struck (some safes will pop open just from having their lock punched).  Most safes still use combination or digital keypad locks, but biometric locks are also becoming popular.  One problem that some owners of biometric locks have found is that unless the sensor plate is wiped clean, enough of the oil from your fingers or hand will remain and allow anyone to access the safe.

Types Of Security Safes

Research the kinds of safes that are available and assess what your needs and budget will be when you are considering adding a security safe to your home.  The range of models will allow you to find a safe that will provide the peace of mind and security you want.
•    Stand-alone gun safes are undoubtedly the ultimate in security for your gun collection.  These are large, heavy safes that are usually bolted to the floor for added protection, and will be capable of storing up to 50 long guns, depending on the model.  Most of these safes have extra room in them for storing important papers such as deeds or passports, and valuables like jewelry or money.   Gun safes generally provide a good measure of fire protection, too.
•    Wall safes will add concealment, but are not nearly as large as the above.  I have found only one model of wall safe designed for long guns, but most wall safes are good hiding places for pistols.  These safes should not be considered to be fireproof as there isn’t enough space to provide insulation.
•    Floor safes are usually fireproof if they have been embedded in concrete.  While most of these are relatively small, there are several models of floor safes that will be able to hold long guns.  Floor safes offer excellent hiding places for guns and valuables since they are usually covered over with carpeting or furniture.  However, these safes will not give you quick access to your guns in an emergency.

Browning Gun Safes Provide A High Level Of Protection

Whether you have ever suffered from a break-in at your home or whether you have children who might be injured by firearms, you can count on a Browning Gun Safe to keep your guns safe.  For over 100 years, Browning firearms have been known for their quality and reliability, so it is only fitting that Browning also provide the means to keep your precious guns and other items safe.  Browning gun safes have been available for 30 years, and in that time they have proven that they are among the best gun safes you can buy.

What Sets Browning Gun Safes Apart?

The integrity of any safe depends on how strong it is – particularly the door.  You might be surprised to learn that some gun safes actually have a door that is only designed to look as if were constructed of heavy steel.  These doors can actually be deformed by the use of house breaking tools or tire irons.  Not so with a Browning Gun Safe.  Multiple layers of heavy gauge steel guarantee that the door will be impervious to the efforts of thieves.

The lock system of Browning safes is also superior; even if a thief drills into one of the bolts from the side, they will be disappointed to find that the bolts are designed to be isolated from the locking mechanism.  Drilling into a bolt will not allow the safe door to be opened.

Insulation is the key to keeping the contents of a gun safe protected during a fire.  Browning safes have thick layers of insulation throughout the safe, and the insulation is continuous, which will make sure that no hot spots can form inside the safe during a fire.  Depending on the model, Browning gun safes will stand between your valuables and 1,200 degrees of fire for up to 75 minutes.
Browning gun safes also have a great feature not ordinarily found on gun safes – doors that swing open a full 180 degrees.  This makes it easier to place guns in the safe and also easier to get to them out when you wish.  Outside hinges make this possible without affecting in any way the strength or security of the safe.

Available Browning Gun Safes

Browning gun safes are available in a range of different models to suit your storage needs, security, and wallet.  However, regardless of what Browning safe you choose, you can always depend upon Browning to give you the best possible product for the price.
•    The Classic Series.  These gun safes offer you the famous Browning workmanship at a reasonable price.  Not only is there plenty of space in a Classic safe for your long guns, but the DPH door storage system allows you to store items that might otherwise take up space on the shelves, along with handguns.  This will provide you with faster access to your guns when you need it.
•    The Bronze Series.  When you have a number of long guns, you will find that the Bronze Series can help you store them more efficiently.  Using the patented DPX Storage System, you will be able to put even rifles and shotguns in the door of the safe itself.  Bolts that engage on 3 sides offer superior protection against criminal attack.
•    The Deluxe Series.  If you are looking for a top of the line Browning gun safe, the Pro Deluxe Series has a model that will offer you the ultimate in security, and good looks.  The Deluxe Series can accommodate from 25 to 45 long guns, depending on your choice of model.  This safe line would be virtually impossible to ‘crack’ as all four sides of the door engage with bolts.  Deluxe Series safes are able to withstand an hour of 1,200 degree temperatures.

Is A Honeywell Gun Safe Right For You?

It really doesn’t matter whether you own one or two guns, or twenty – they are important to you and are needed for home protection or hunting.  While the possibility of theft is always present (guns are valuable items), you will probably also worry about the natural curiosity of children causing them to try to use or play with your firearms.  The last thing you want is for a child to be injured as a result of having access to your guns.   The perfect answer to both problems is to get a Honeywell gun safe.  The safes Honeywell provides offer security and protection, as well as peace of mind.  Especially when you are looking for an economical solution for your gun storage problems, Honeywell has the answer.

Honeywell Makes A Complete Line

The people at Honeywell understand that you need a dependable and sturdy gun safe at a reasonable price.  Not only will Honeywell gun safes provide a secure home for your long guns and handguns, the simple, but well-designed exterior means that the safe will easily fit into your room décor.  As there are shelves provided as well as sufficient space for your rifles and shotguns, you can store important papers or other valuable items there, too.
•    The Honeywell 6720 Protector Gun Safe is the lowest in cost of the Honeywell line.  However, quality has been uppermost in the manufacture of this safe, and it will provide a secure place for up to 10 guns.  The gun rack and shelves are removable. This safe uses a key lock and lever handle to engage the 3 1” bolts.  The carpeted interior will help to treat your valuable guns kindly.
•    When you are looking for an upgrade, you should consider the Honeywell 6740, with its 5 bolts to offer even greater security.  A recessed door and interior hinges make this a difficult safe to crack for even a determined thief.  The lock on this Honeywell is a combination, and once again a lever serves to engage the lock or open the door.  Should your home be subject to a house fire, this gun safe will be able to withstand 1,100 degrees F for 15 minutes, making it a good place to store important documents in addition to firearms.
•    The next Honeywell gun safe you might be interested in is the Honeywell 2754DB.  The integrity of the interior will be protected against a fire of 1,550 degrees for up to 30 minutes, placing its fire rating right up with much more expensive safes.  You can store 14 to 18 guns in the adjustable rack, and you will be able to count on the carpeted interior to help prevent dings and scratches to your firearms.  A digital lock keeps unauthorized people out, and 5 1” bolts provide security.  A kit is included that will allow you to bolt the 2754DB to either the wall or floor if you want.
•    The top of the Honeywell gun safe line is the Honeywell 6742D Executive Safe.  This safe provides you with nearly 8 cubic feet of storage space, including a 12 gun rack, 2 removable shelves, 1 permanent shelf, and a lockable ammunition box.  This Honeywell uses a digital lock, but also includes a manual key override.  To protect your floor from the weight of the safe, a rubber mat comes with this package, as does a kit to enable you to bolt the safe to either the floor or wall.  This safe can withstand temperatures of 1,100 degrees for a quarter of an hour.