Browning Gun Safes Provide A High Level Of Protection

Whether you have ever suffered from a break-in at your home or whether you have children who might be injured by firearms, you can count on a Browning Gun Safe to keep your guns safe.  For over 100 years, Browning firearms have been known for their quality and reliability, so it is only fitting that Browning also provide the means to keep your precious guns and other items safe.  Browning gun safes have been available for 30 years, and in that time they have proven that they are among the best gun safes you can buy.

What Sets Browning Gun Safes Apart?

The integrity of any safe depends on how strong it is – particularly the door.  You might be surprised to learn that some gun safes actually have a door that is only designed to look as if were constructed of heavy steel.  These doors can actually be deformed by the use of house breaking tools or tire irons.  Not so with a Browning Gun Safe.  Multiple layers of heavy gauge steel guarantee that the door will be impervious to the efforts of thieves.

The lock system of Browning safes is also superior; even if a thief drills into one of the bolts from the side, they will be disappointed to find that the bolts are designed to be isolated from the locking mechanism.  Drilling into a bolt will not allow the safe door to be opened.

Insulation is the key to keeping the contents of a gun safe protected during a fire.  Browning safes have thick layers of insulation throughout the safe, and the insulation is continuous, which will make sure that no hot spots can form inside the safe during a fire.  Depending on the model, Browning gun safes will stand between your valuables and 1,200 degrees of fire for up to 75 minutes.
Browning gun safes also have a great feature not ordinarily found on gun safes – doors that swing open a full 180 degrees.  This makes it easier to place guns in the safe and also easier to get to them out when you wish.  Outside hinges make this possible without affecting in any way the strength or security of the safe.

Available Browning Gun Safes

Browning gun safes are available in a range of different models to suit your storage needs, security, and wallet.  However, regardless of what Browning safe you choose, you can always depend upon Browning to give you the best possible product for the price.
•    The Classic Series.  These gun safes offer you the famous Browning workmanship at a reasonable price.  Not only is there plenty of space in a Classic safe for your long guns, but the DPH door storage system allows you to store items that might otherwise take up space on the shelves, along with handguns.  This will provide you with faster access to your guns when you need it.
•    The Bronze Series.  When you have a number of long guns, you will find that the Bronze Series can help you store them more efficiently.  Using the patented DPX Storage System, you will be able to put even rifles and shotguns in the door of the safe itself.  Bolts that engage on 3 sides offer superior protection against criminal attack.
•    The Deluxe Series.  If you are looking for a top of the line Browning gun safe, the Pro Deluxe Series has a model that will offer you the ultimate in security, and good looks.  The Deluxe Series can accommodate from 25 to 45 long guns, depending on your choice of model.  This safe line would be virtually impossible to ‘crack’ as all four sides of the door engage with bolts.  Deluxe Series safes are able to withstand an hour of 1,200 degree temperatures.