Deciding Which Security Safe Is Best For You

There are probably a number of things that are precious to you.  First and foremost will be your family.  Gun ownership has never been higher, and it is quite likely that you have firearms in your home, for protection, hunting, or just as collectibles.  However, children and guns definitely do not go together, and keeping your children safe from your guns will undoubtedly be a high priority.  A gun safe that provides good security, and keeps small hands off of pistols and rifles, will provide much superior measure of safety than you will get by simply storing your guns in a closet or under the bed.

Keeping your firearms and other valuables safe from theft is another reason to find a security safe that you can depend on.  Always keep in mind that a safe doesn’t have to withstand hours of abuse by a burglar – this fellow wants to be out of your house in under 10 minutes.  A good safe simply needs to tell the thief that your goods are unavailable.  Actually, when confronted by a good security gun safe, most thieves just leave empty-handed.

Security Safe Features That Will Serve You Best

Gun safes are made in a variety of models and sizes, so evaluate what your needs are and base your purchase decision on this.  All security safes should be sturdy in construction, whether these are large, stand-alone gun safes, wall safes, or floor safes.  You should never simply count on concealment to keep your valuables secure.  While it is true that a burglar will not want to spend much time in your home, if he finds a safe that appears to be flimsy, he will try to open it.  All safes should be bolted to the floor, wall, or shelving.  A large, robust gun safe that has been tipped over is much easier to open than one that is still upright.  The lock on the safe should remain locked even if struck (some safes will pop open just from having their lock punched).  Most safes still use combination or digital keypad locks, but biometric locks are also becoming popular.  One problem that some owners of biometric locks have found is that unless the sensor plate is wiped clean, enough of the oil from your fingers or hand will remain and allow anyone to access the safe.

Types Of Security Safes

Research the kinds of safes that are available and assess what your needs and budget will be when you are considering adding a security safe to your home.  The range of models will allow you to find a safe that will provide the peace of mind and security you want.
•    Stand-alone gun safes are undoubtedly the ultimate in security for your gun collection.  These are large, heavy safes that are usually bolted to the floor for added protection, and will be capable of storing up to 50 long guns, depending on the model.  Most of these safes have extra room in them for storing important papers such as deeds or passports, and valuables like jewelry or money.   Gun safes generally provide a good measure of fire protection, too.
•    Wall safes will add concealment, but are not nearly as large as the above.  I have found only one model of wall safe designed for long guns, but most wall safes are good hiding places for pistols.  These safes should not be considered to be fireproof as there isn’t enough space to provide insulation.
•    Floor safes are usually fireproof if they have been embedded in concrete.  While most of these are relatively small, there are several models of floor safes that will be able to hold long guns.  Floor safes offer excellent hiding places for guns and valuables since they are usually covered over with carpeting or furniture.  However, these safes will not give you quick access to your guns in an emergency.