Is A Honeywell Gun Safe Right For You?

It really doesn’t matter whether you own one or two guns, or twenty – they are important to you and are needed for home protection or hunting.  While the possibility of theft is always present (guns are valuable items), you will probably also worry about the natural curiosity of children causing them to try to use or play with your firearms.  The last thing you want is for a child to be injured as a result of having access to your guns.   The perfect answer to both problems is to get a Honeywell gun safe.  The safes Honeywell provides offer security and protection, as well as peace of mind.  Especially when you are looking for an economical solution for your gun storage problems, Honeywell has the answer.

Honeywell Makes A Complete Line

The people at Honeywell understand that you need a dependable and sturdy gun safe at a reasonable price.  Not only will Honeywell gun safes provide a secure home for your long guns and handguns, the simple, but well-designed exterior means that the safe will easily fit into your room décor.  As there are shelves provided as well as sufficient space for your rifles and shotguns, you can store important papers or other valuable items there, too.
•    The Honeywell 6720 Protector Gun Safe is the lowest in cost of the Honeywell line.  However, quality has been uppermost in the manufacture of this safe, and it will provide a secure place for up to 10 guns.  The gun rack and shelves are removable. This safe uses a key lock and lever handle to engage the 3 1” bolts.  The carpeted interior will help to treat your valuable guns kindly.
•    When you are looking for an upgrade, you should consider the Honeywell 6740, with its 5 bolts to offer even greater security.  A recessed door and interior hinges make this a difficult safe to crack for even a determined thief.  The lock on this Honeywell is a combination, and once again a lever serves to engage the lock or open the door.  Should your home be subject to a house fire, this gun safe will be able to withstand 1,100 degrees F for 15 minutes, making it a good place to store important documents in addition to firearms.
•    The next Honeywell gun safe you might be interested in is the Honeywell 2754DB.  The integrity of the interior will be protected against a fire of 1,550 degrees for up to 30 minutes, placing its fire rating right up with much more expensive safes.  You can store 14 to 18 guns in the adjustable rack, and you will be able to count on the carpeted interior to help prevent dings and scratches to your firearms.  A digital lock keeps unauthorized people out, and 5 1” bolts provide security.  A kit is included that will allow you to bolt the 2754DB to either the wall or floor if you want.
•    The top of the Honeywell gun safe line is the Honeywell 6742D Executive Safe.  This safe provides you with nearly 8 cubic feet of storage space, including a 12 gun rack, 2 removable shelves, 1 permanent shelf, and a lockable ammunition box.  This Honeywell uses a digital lock, but also includes a manual key override.  To protect your floor from the weight of the safe, a rubber mat comes with this package, as does a kit to enable you to bolt the safe to either the floor or wall.  This safe can withstand temperatures of 1,100 degrees for a quarter of an hour.